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Home Equity Line Rates




         * Prime minus .25%* without a TCB autopay account

         * Prime minus .50%* with a TCB autopay account

  • Lines available for $20,000–$350,000
  • A 10-year draw period, followed by 10-year repayment period
  • As of  November 30, 2018, the Prime Rate is 5.250%

*Annual Percentage Rate (APR) effective 11/30/18 and subject to change. The variable APR with

auto payment from The Cooperative Bank checking account is Prime minus 0.50% and without

auto payment is Prime minus 0.25%.  Rate may adjust monthly based on the Wall Street Journal

Prime Rate as published by the Wall Street Journal in its Money Rates section on the last

business day of each calendar month which is 5.250% as of 11/30/18.  The maximum APR is 

18.00%. The term is based on a 10 year draw period and a 10 year repayment period.  Maximum

LTV is 80%.  A cancellation fee of $350.00 applies when a home equity line of credit is paid off

and closed within two years of the loan origination.  Annual fee of $50 due on the anniversary

date of the loan origination.  Other fees, terms and conditions may apply.  Consult a tax advisor

for the information regarding the deductability of interest and charges.










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